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A Guide to Eco Green IT’s Computer Recycling

IT Recycling
How much do you know about our computer recycling process? This is the question that will be answered in this post. Many people are aware of recycling but it is also important that you have some knowledge about the its advantages and how recycling is done. Following is a guide to the advantages and processes involved in computer recycling.

What is Computer Recycling?

Before going to into details, lets define computer recycling. It is a process in which raw materials and computer components are treated in a way that they can be used again. It is a vital component of modern e-waste management and thus, holds great importance in todays world.

What Equipment Can You Recycle?

Various electronic and IT related equipment are recycled. There is an extensive list of equipment that can be recycled and few of them are:
  •          Desktop PCs
  •          Laptops
  •          Printers & Toners
  •          Servers
  •          EPOS equipment
  •         Other IT related equipment

See Equipment Types for more information.

Process of Recycling

An overview of computer recycling process is as follows: 

  • All recyclable materials and equipment is collected from people from their premises
  • All equipment safely transported to the recycling facility
  • Sorting the equipment accurately so that each and every item can be recycled according to the regulations of Environment Agency
  • Getting the recycled items ready to be sold to consumers
  • Recycled products made available at lower prices so that people are encouraged to use them and save their money

Advantages of Computer Recycling

Recycling of old and redundant computer and IT equipment is essential to protect the environment from further damage. Here are a few benefits of recycling:
  •          Reduction of landfills since most of the trash is disposed in the landfills
  •          Preventing soil toxicity
  •          Less health problems for humans and animal kind
  •          Release of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases also reduced
  •          Less pollutants released in the air making environmental more sustainable

These are the things that are kept in mind while doing computer recycling at Eco Green IT. We are fully aware that computer recycling is very important these days and thus we take full care of certain aspects when we recycle computer and IT related equipment.

Our recycling process is approved by the Environment Agency so our process is absolutely eco-friendly. We offer nationwide collection service therefore, it is easy for you to avail our computer recycling services. Book Your Collection today and do your bit in protecting the environment.

To know more about recycling processes, you may read this blog post as well.


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