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Responsibilities of Companies towards IT Recycling

Information Technology has brought about a revolution that has reached literally all corners of the globe. The march forward is an ongoing process. Our planet is now overburdened with tons and tons of electronic waste. According to the United Nations, e-waste of the world adds to 50 million tons annually. E-waste is anything used containing wire, plug, battery or using electricity for operations

Consequences of Ignorance:

The usual way of disposing e-waste, is by dumping them in landfills or burning them incinerators. But electronic gadgets contain lead and other toxic substances that get absorbed in the soil, water and air. In a chain reaction humans as well as plants and animals ingest this causing great harm. Thus, proper recycling is a must – it is the call of the hour. Casual processing of this e-waste poses great danger to the environment. In all there are about 60 elements in these electronic items. The toxic contents like mercury and lead get absorbed by the soil and groundwat…

Hazardous Impacts of E-Waste

Hazardous Impacts of E-Waste

Hazardous Impacts of E-Waste