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The dos and don’ts of electronic recycling

There has been a stiff rise in the number of communication device in the average life of a UK resident. From the latest versions of smartphones and tablets to computing and gaming gadgets, electronics is playing a huge role in the modern society. However, with it also comes the rising concern about the old and outdated devices/gadgets. Most often, old electronic gadgets are simply tossed into the bin to be sent to landfills, which in turn is making our land toxic and polluted. According to reports, UK will produce 65.4 million tonnes of electronic waste by 2017. 82% of these wastes go into landfills. Recycling e-waste will not only make our earth less polluted by also help save a lot in production cost and mining. Every 10 million tonnes of e-waste consists nearly 20 tonnes of gold, 7 tonnes of platinum, and 400 tonnes of silver among other precious and reusable metals. It is the responsibility of every individual to contribute to the cause of waste recycling, specifically