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Save YOUR planet!

In today's world there is always a new technology evolving out that tries to beat the technology before that, new technology has now become a part of this generations lifestyle, it is equivalent to brushing your teeth, it is how people go about their day to day lives. Technology will always continue to develop and expand, as new inventions continue to up rise. As a result, people are throwing out their old equipment for the latest ones and don’t really consider how they go about doing so. Things such as how to recycle your gadgets which can otherwise pollute the surroundings is often undermined . Many of us might think that well “it’s only one item”, but stop and think how many other people are assuming the same? Electronic rubbish, and computer recycling equipment in particular, is a rapidly expanding stream of UK waste.   Low prices allow consumers to replace "gadgets" often, and rapid technological change means there are always newer, better, more powerful pro
How to Reduce Your Waste We all know that recycling can help us to reduce the amount of waste which otherwise ends up in the landfills, but only a very few types of recoverable materials can be recycled.You can reduce the amount of waste produced by choosing what kind of wastes you throw away. This can be easy and fun – just check out this infographic to reduce your waste at home, school or work.