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Eco Green IT Looks at How iPhone Changed the World in Last 10 Years

Apple ’ s first iPhone was released just a little over 10 years. It wasn ’ t the first smartphone ever but it has changed the world ever since. It has revolutionised the world of mobile phones. Eco Green IT looks at how iPhone has changed the world in last 10 years for consumers. Here are a few facts that show some significant changes over the past decade. The internet revolution The iPhone literally put the internet in everyone ’ s pocket. Steve Jobs described the first iPhone as “ a revolutionary mobile phone and a break through Internet communications device. ” According to Ericsson, there is no match between voice and data traffic. Data traffic has gone up to nearly 10 TB over the last decade whereas voice traffic has been nowhere near this huge figure. Photography – From a hobby to part of everyday lives Smartphones have allowed us to take photos everywhere we go. With photo-editing apps and rise of social media platforms, it gave us a great reason to post