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Data Loss Prevention through Secure Computer Recycling

Ask yourself, what is the most important business asset for you? Before you answer it, I already know it. It’s Data. For any business the most important thing is data. It can be your company’s data or your client’s data. Either way, the data is the most valuable business asset. As it is so valuable, you have to take care of it and keep it secure. You use lots of IT equipment, like a laptops, computers, PCs, Tablets and many other gadgets. These gadgets contain valuable data. I want to ask you something, when any of your IT equipment breaks or doesn’t work, what do you do with it? Well, studies show that most companies have insecure computer disposal London , as they just dump their IT equipment in dustbins. If you ask me this is the most dangerous approach. Not only for the environment but also for yourself, the data in your IT equipment can get stolen and can cause data breaches. Now, you must be worried about the data which you have compromised with insecure IT di

Everything you need to know about IT recycling companies

For many of us, we think when the computer no longer works, the only thing it's good for is a paperweight to add to the clutter on our desks but we couldn't be more wrong. The IT recycling companies work for a new breed of a recycler. They have discovered gold in old hard drives, which are hidden within your old computer. As you have clicked on this article, you may be well aware of IT recycling and IT disposal. But, for those who are newbies to IT recycling I will be mentioning a brief insight into this is environmentally friendly process What is IT recycling? Computer recycling is a disassembly of separate components, raw materials and electronic wastes. The procedure of reuse and repair are not a part of recycling. The recycling of electronic wastes is highly challenging as it involves electronic products, which are complex in nature. The devices are manufactured form glass, metals and plastics, which is difficult to manage. Moreover, it contains personal data fro