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How Fast E-waste Recycling Industries are growing in the UK

The recycling industry in the United Kingdom can create a minimum of 10,000 new jobs according to the latest industry reports. While the world is facing a global crisis, we have finally begun to realize the importance of recycling and reducing the amount of waste we leave. Pursuing this idea, UK is among the leading countries to operate on a countrywide recycling project. Well, it will also give UK the added benefit of £20 bn increase in net exports and 10,000 new jobs by the year 2020. It’s not only limited to the employment advantage. Manufacturers who could shift to recycled raw materials can reduce the total cost of operation by as much as £50 bn every year. The Environment Services Association (ESA) has recently published the full report. You can also get it in the government funded, private initiative known as Waste and Resources Action Program (WRAP). Subsequently, the need for better recycling would also encourage innovation and the development of new ways of recycling