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Here Are Some Mind-Boggling Facts About IT Recycling

IT recycling is relatively a new term for people. So, it can be said that most of the people are still not aware about this term. IT recycling is something of utter importance in this day and age. It is high time that this importance is understood properly. The reason for such emphasis on importance of IT recycling is simply because tons of e-waste is disposed in landfills and making the environment more worse for all living beings. But there is nothing to worry about. This post will tell you some mind-boggling facts about IT recycling which will help you gain valuable knowledge about IT recycling. Facts about IT Recycling Let ’ s have a look at some interesting facts about IT recycling.  Huge amount of e-waste is dumped every year. Approximately 20-50 million tons of e-waste is disposed all over the world every year. Computers and other IT equipment contain a high amount of precious metals like gold, silver and copper. Around 80 percent of electronic products a