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Electronic Waste in the UK: Endangering the Environment and Human Rights

  Introduction:   Electronic garbage, or "e-waste," has grown to be a major worldwide problem with significant effects on both the environment and public health. Like many industrialised countries, the UK is struggling to deal with the growing issue of disposing of electronic trash. The startling rise of e-waste can be attributed to both the quick speed at which technology is developing and the short lifespan of electronic gadgets. This essay explores the problems that electronic trash poses for the UK's environment as well as possible human rights abuses brought on by inappropriate e-waste disposal .   The Scope of Electronic Waste in the UK: The United Kingdom is a significant user of electronic products, including everything from laptops and smartphones to industrial gear and home appliances. The amount of e-waste produced in the nation has increased dramatically due to the expansion of consumer electronics and the ongoing cycle of upgrades. To address this