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Disposing E-Waste: Is Your Data at Risk?

E-waste refers to electronic items that have reached the end of their life cycle. This type of waste includes mobile phones, fax machines, printers, stereos, laptops and desktop computers. Careless disposal of e-waste poses a serious threat to the confidentiality of your data, whether it be personal or business. In fact, according to one particular survey, entrepreneurs in the IT industry are actually more concerned about the confidentiality of their data, than the environment. Businesses, by not choosing to dispose their electronic waste through a proper channel are likely to make themselves a subject to cybercrime. Businesses that have less than 2000 employees are most likely to be on the hit list of hackers. This is because larger organisations should go an extra mile when it comes to their data security. Why is it Important to Secure Your Data? Most of you may think that you have destroyed your data by simply choosing to reset your smartphone but you are merely h