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How Ransomware Can Eat Up Your Business With Insecure IT Disposal

Ransomware Virus!! By just saying, the word conjures up images of lost data systems, locked downs and whole organizations coming to a grinding halt. It has happened to hospitals, corporations, government agencies and more. It's a threat that continues to grow. Kaspersky Labs data records a 43.3% increase in the number of users hit by the ransomware virus. The growing market of cybercriminals shows no signs of slowing down. With ransomware, cybercriminals use different methods to take control of the victim’s computer encrypting files. This can happen due to insecure systems or insecure IT disposal. They keep the data hostage by locking the screen and demanding payment or changing the computers Master Boot Record so that it interrupts the normal start-up process. By taking control of a computer, cybercriminals hope to coerce the victim into paying a ransom. The thing about ransomware is that it usually just catches people off-guard. Where someone might be comfortable thinking e