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E-waste: The Problem with a Solution

If you are trying really hard to get rid of your old electronic item and you still don’t know what to do with your old electronic then you must read this post. A huge amount of electronics items are purchased each year and thus million tones of electronic waste are generated but only a small proportion of e-waste is being recycled. Since electronic items are the most commonly used in homes and offices and thus its consumption is increasing at very fast rate and so is increasing e-waste. This problem has become one of the major problems that have drawn attention of the whole world towards itself. Where does the problem lie? E-waste is nothing but an old electronics that are thrown away in the garbage when they get old o become obsolete. Technology is growing so fast and in order to get to best devices, we usually try to get rid of old electronics and buy the new ones. Smartphones could be the best example here. The Ultimate Remedy Many of us are unaware of the fact h

Going For Green

What does going green mean? Chances are, you’ve heard “going green” being bandied about quite a lot lately. Perhaps you’ve overheard a work colleague, or your parents mentioning it and you are wondering what does it actually mean and how can you get involved? Going green is a gradual process for most people because it means implementing certain lifestyle changes that are designed to help you live in a more Eco-friendly way. You’ve become more environmentally aware and wish to change your lifestyle and behaviors to reduce the amount of waste and pollution you generate. You wish to protect the environment because the planet was here first. Living a green lifestyle doesn’t mean huge drastic changes. Small and easy to manage changes to begin with makes all the difference. The smallest change with the biggest impact is of course recycling. Your local council has likely given you different bags and boxes for recycling, so be sure to use them. It takes moments to place a pie