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Introducing Your Kids to Recycling

Introducing Your Kids to Recycling Recycling is one of the most cited aspects of environmental action. From toddlers to teenagers, check out our tips on how you can seamlessly integrate recycling into your everyday family life. Educate them early: Children are like sponges, they absorb anything and everything, and like to copy adults around them. So start educating them when they are toddlers but keep it short and sweet. Tell them what you are doing as and when you are doing it. E.g “The plastic bottle goes in the green bin”. You’ll be surprised at how quickly they come to you asking where to put a recyclable item. Make it fun: Allow your children to get their game on. Turn recycling into a brain-building game. The evening before you put your recycling out in the morning, gather all your recyclable materials and have your children sort through and place them in the correct recycling bin. Sorting teaches young children about different sizes, shapes, similarit