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Tips to help you choose a secure IT disposal

Data thefts by employees are reported to be among the top risks associated with disposed IT assets. In this age of information technology, every nitty gritty of businesses and companies lies in circuit boards and magnetic discs. Computers have become a part and parcel of working and as we are stepping into a more  electronic world , the implications are growing. Following the concern, we also have a government act by the name of Data Protection Act, 1998. The act states, “Proper specialized and hierarchical measures should be taken against unapproved or unlawful handling of individual information and against inadvertent misfortune or obliteration of, or harm to, individual information." However, what about the situation when you have outsourced the data disposal to a third party? This too can end up in unwanted situation and there have been many cases where companies have lost sensitive data and were exposed in the wrong way. Choosing the right  IT recycling company  is