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Top 5 Benefits of IT Recycling

With the rapid advancement in technology and the fast growing market of electronic gadgets, it is very common for every individual to be full of old gadgets, lying around in useless situation. On average, each individual buys a new product in a period of 3 to 4 years, causing an alarming increase in E-waste . Keeping in the view the number of potential damages that harmful material in Ewaste could cause, IT recycling should be our foremost priority. It is a crucial problem that requires immediate attention not only on individual level; rather need serious consideration at domestic level as well. Simply, disposing off your E waste in trash cans is not the solution of the problem. Every individual should start considering IT recycling which brings in various benefits. 1. Conservation Recycling: despite all its other benefits, the biggest one is conservation of valuable resources. By recycling our IT waste, we save almost half amount of energy that is needed in developing a n

11 Ways to Contribute in E-Waste Recycling

The exceedingly increasing technological development in today’s world gives rise to one of the biggest problems the world is facing today: The mismatch in the speed of generation of E Waste and E Waste Recycling. The E Waste includes all the waste generated via electronics such as IT equipment disposal, IT Recycling , IT hardware disposal like (discarded mobile phones, laptops, computers, televisions and various other electronic devices). Why this mismatch between E Waste production and E-Waste recycling is such a big problem? The world today is not just facing the problem of excessive amount of E waste but also if this IT disposal does not undergo a formal E Waste Recycling procedure, the toxic components such as Mercury, Beryllium, Brominated Flame Retardants (BFRs), lead, Etc can cause major problems such as kidney and brain damages, hormonal malfunctioning, skin cancers, abnormal growth and what not! Here are some statistics, collected from reliable sources to give you a cl

What Are The Benefits Of IT Waste Recycling?

Nowadays the usage of gadgets is on the rise, with the increased use of electronics, we have also increased the amount of electronic waste. This one of the prime reasons why you need to dispose of the electronic waste carefully. That is why you need to start considering to recycle. Here we are sharing some benefits you will get from IT waste recycling . Reduces Pollution If you are just throwing away electronic waste, it will land in the landfill where it will only add to soil pollution. Likewise, if lead or any other metal comes out from the battery, it would affect the water source as well. Hence, it will also cause water pollution. In such a case, it can also lead to dangerous health conditions among people who are utilizing that water. Thus, electronic waste can become severely toxic. To avoid this problem, it’s necessary that one must correctly dispose of the electronic waste by recycling it. Reduced Want for Natural Resources Since recycling will help the disp

The 3 R’s of IT Recycling: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Electronic gadgets are the most essential element of our daily lives, today. The advancement in technology have brought us to a point where we cannot even imagine living in this world without our phones, laptops, tablets or desktop computers, etc. But what we fail to realize in contrast to the number of benefits we avail from them, is the amount of environmental damage these electronic gadgets cause when not disposed using IT recycling , properly. This electronic waste is today’s one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world as minimal IT recycling is being conducted to address the issue. Rapid data innovation around the globe combined with fast addition of new technologies and innovation at short interims is causing the early obsoleting of numerous such devices. Under such circumstances, there is a serious need of extensive IT recycling. There are various companies working on IT recycling in Nottingham, but what is needed is a serious realization of the benefits and

Infographic on How Secure is Your Data Destruction Process.

IT Recycle London: 5 Ways Your Business can benefit from Recycling

Do you know what happens to all the waste collected by your business? Not many people know about it. In fact, many people are not interested in knowing what happens to their trash. It’s this approach that can have a negative impact on your business on the environment. But this is not all – it also means that you aren’t getting good value for cash with your waste disposal service. Under the Waste Regulations, organizations that produce waste legally have the responsibility to care for its safe disposal. Hence, while you might be happy with the fact that you waste is gone, you will be happier if your business knows where your waste is going and that you have the right documentation to prove it. Recycling is one the best ways of making your business green. For even more encouragement here is a list five main benefits that recycling can have: Minimize Your Ecological Impact First of all are you sure that your waste is going to a landfill? While landfill disposal seems to be a

5 Ways Not To Use to Destroy Your Hard Drive

Are you thinking of disposing your old computer? Are seeking how to get rid of the data on your hard drive? Here ae five methods NOT to use for destroying your old hard drive in an environmental safe manner. They are a combination of non-physical and physical destruction methods and we certainly don’t recommend any of them. Leaving the Matter to Chance One of the most dangerous ways of destroying a hard dive it to do nothing with it and leave it to chance. Whether as an individual or business, leaving a hard drive within your machine is inviting a disaster. For example, if you take it to an IT recycling company and place it in their containers for recycling, what do you think will happen next? Does the company makes certain no one has access to container previous to it being recycled? Likewise, if you sell your old computer, what happens if your data is still on the drive? Leaving any of your data on the drive is risking someone retrieving that data and personal information