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11 Ways to Contribute in E-Waste Recycling

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The exceedingly increasing technological development in today’s world gives rise to one of the biggest problems the world is facing today: The mismatch in the speed of generation of E Waste and E Waste Recycling. The E Waste includes all the waste generated via electronics such as IT equipment disposal, IT Recycling, IT hardware disposal like (discarded mobile phones, laptops, computers, televisions and various other electronic devices).

Why this mismatch between E Waste production and E-Waste recycling is such a big problem? The world today is not just facing the problem of excessive amount of E waste but also if this IT disposal does not undergo a formal E Waste Recycling procedure, the toxic components such as Mercury, Beryllium, Brominated Flame Retardants (BFRs), lead, Etc can cause major problems such as kidney and brain damages, hormonal malfunctioning, skin cancers, abnormal growth and what not! Here are some statistics, collected from reliable sources to give you a clearer picture of the current most serious yet most ignored environmental problem:

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IT recycling, IT disposals, Recycled

IT equipment disposal in UK is the top growing E waste stream. Over 1.8 million tons of E waste in generated every year. In the last 5 years over 12.5 billion tons of E waste produced in UK has not undergone any formal E waste recycling procedures and ended up in trash cans. Keeping in view the current situation, there are various methods through which you as a responsible citizen of the society can contribute:

1. Donate/ Sell your disposed IT equipment

The best way you can avoid creation of more E waste is to sell or donate it, if it is in good working condition. Rather you dispose IT equipment , in trashcans or even take it for formal E Waste recycling procedure, it is better to bring it in use by donating/ selling it away to someone who needs it. There are various online websites that facilitate the selling/ donation of your disposed IT equipment in the best possible way.

2. Bring it to other use

If you are tech savvy it is very likely that you carry out frequent IT Recycling. But how about the next time you update to a new device such as your mobile phone, you bring the old one in some other use: rather start using it as a GPS device, maybe your alarm clock, a music playing device, or even a simple note keeper.

3. Stop Buying

We all experience that rush of adrenaline when it’s Boxing Day and sales are on. No one can stop themselves by being tempted to buy without cause, just because it was on a reduced price. But we as responsible citizens must activate that little voice in our heads and make ourselves realize, that whether we need that new gadget or not. We need to asses ourselves that whether the frequency of our IT equipment disposal is matching up with the speed of E waste recycling or not. Then only we can have a clear answer as to why or why not buy a gadget, without a substantial need.

4. Eco Friendly Products

It’s high time that we start caring for our environment to preserve it for our next generations. We must make wise choices, when planning to buy a product for ourselves. The first and the foremost thing we must look for in a product is whether its eco friendly and works on energy conservation or not. We should start selecting products that saves energy; in this way we not only care for the environment but also start saving costs to ourselves.

5. Easy IT Equipment Disposal

Plastic is the major cause of E waste problems and most difficult when it comes to E Waste recycling. We must try to avoid buying more and more gadgets that are made up of plastic. Our choices should include gadgets that are made up of eco friendly materials which are easy to dispose so that when we carry out our IT Recycling, we cause minimum damage to the environment.

6. Exchange Them

Before you make up your mind to throw away another electronic item in your trashcan, reevaluate your decision. There are various stores in the country that offer a buy-back option of disposed IT equipments. They offer you good value in terms of cash or another product in return of your old product that you can happily avail.

7. Avoid Duplication

What could be worse in creating an up rise in an already increasing problem, then buying a duplicate product? How many times have this happened to you that you buy and electronic item out of urgent need, just to later realize that the same product was already lying in you unorganized junk of IT equipments? The best way to avoid such mistakes is to start organizing your electronic possessions.

8. Fix IT

It’s always easier to go ahead with IT equipment disposal and IT Recycling, when you have a broken or a malfunctioning gadget. But how many times have you ever tried to get it repaired? This will not only save the environment from E waste but will create a great financial saving fir yourself. So, the next time you have a broken or a malfunctioning product think wisely before you plan to dispose it off or even take it for E waste recycling.

9. Extended Use

The best way to prevent creation of more and more e waste is to start preserving your electronic gadgets. You can avoid or at least delay the wear and tear of your products by taking care of them. Rather investing in new gadgets try investing in various accessories that can help protect your gadgets such as laptop and phone cases, box organizers for your I pods, screen covers for your desktops and televisions, etc.

10. Put it away

How often has this happened to you that you buy a newer version of an existing electronic gadget that you already posses? We all are prone to investing into newer models, while our previous one is working perfectly well. But in majority cases, we don’t get settled with the newer outlook and want to switch back to our older versions. In this case it’s better that when you buy a newer model of a same product, rather disposing off the older version, save it somewhere and once your desire to use the newer version is fulfilled sell it and go back to using your old product.

11. E waste Recycling

Last but not the least way to avoid e waste is to facilitate the e waste recycling procedure, to the maximum level you can. There are various in-stores and online retailers who offer drop off points for recycling material. They have formal e waste recycling procedures and in return to your effort they reward you by offering exclusive product discounts or free gift cards.


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